College Rules & Info

General rules and information
1 No student shall be admitted in any course of studies as mentioned in Stream and admission process if he/she is found to have indulged in any activities detrimental to academic interest.
2 A student who is found to violate college rules shall be liable to expulsion.
3 Those students admitted to various courses of studies are compulsory to participate in lectures, tutorial classes,  remedial classes and other academic activities. Besides, they are required to participate in the co-curricular activities organised by departments and by constituent agencies of the institution.
4 Students must appear all the examinations conducted by the academic bodies, such as class test, unit test, pre-final, test and final examination.
5 A student who is found to have indulged in consumption of  intoxicating drinks and other elements and immoral activities shall be liable to expulsion.
6 The students shall have to obey the regulations of the course they undertake, rules and orders as may be prescribed by college, AHSEC and the Gauhati University authorities.
7 Any student indulging to ragging, involved in any such act is liable to expulsion from the college.
8 Decision of Governing body and the disciplinary committee in all matters relating to students indiscipline shall be final and binding.
College hours
College strats from 9.15 a.m. and continues up to 4.15 p.m.
Discipline maintenance
* Every student should come to the college with his identity card with proper academic decorum.
* Students must be present in the class regularly. Students attending less than 75% of the lectures delivered in each subject are not eligible to appear in the university/council examination.
* Students should keep the college premise clean and use the college property with proper care and for any fault in the electrical material, they should inform the authority instead of trying to make it correct themselves.
* In the library they should maintain complete silence and should books atc. very carefully. Entry of motorcycles, scooters and other vehicles into the college campus during the college hours is strictly prohibited. Vehicles should be parked at the parking site.
* Students should keep their bicycles in the cycle stand. Loitering in the veranda during class hours should be avoided. Dustbins marked as “Use me” are placed in every nook and corner of the campus for waste material disposal.
Mandatory for students
1 Identity card
2 Library card
3 College uniform
College uniform
Bikali College-uniform is compulsory for students of Bikali College, Dhupdhara. The uniform is
For boys Cream colour shirt and coffee colour pant.
For girls Cream colour ‘Churidar’, coffee colour ‘jama’ and coffee colour ‘urna’ (Dupatta) or traditional dresses matching with above colors
Office and staff
The college office has computer facilities for record and account maintenance. it has efficient official staff.
Members of Office staff
1 Mr. Gulzar Ali, UDA 7 Mr. Jaliur Rahman, Gr-IV
2 Mr. Sunil Rabha, UDA 8 Mr. Pradip Kr. Das, Gr-IV
3 Mr. Biresh Rabha, LDA 9 Mr. Gajen Sutradhar, Gr-IV
4 Mr. Pradip Hazowary, LDA 10 Mr. Chandramohan Kalita, Lab Bearer (Deptt. of Geography)
5 Ms. Ismatara Ahmed, LDA 11 Ms. Tula Sutradhar, Gr-IV
6 Mr. Pabitra Medhi, LDA 12 Mr. Lankeswar Boro, Watchman (Night)
13 Mr. jaysankar Rabha, Watchman (Day)
Grievance Redressal Cell
The college has a grievance redressal cell. It deals with the grievances of the employees, students and guardians related to official and academic matters.
Anti-Ragging Committee
The college has an anti-ragging committee to look into matters regarding ragging. Anybody seen to be involved in ragging may be reported to the committee for necessary action.
Post Graduate Course
Two years PG programme in Assamese Department under Gauhati University, Guwahati.

Seat allocation of major and general subjects in arts and commerce

Arts Stream

Major Subjects No. of seats
Assamese 40
Bodo 25
Economics 20
Education 40
English 15
Geography 40
History 20
Political Science 40
General Subjects No. of seats
Elective Assamese 80
Elective Bodo 80
Economics 80
Education 100
Geography 80
History 60
Political Science 100
Mathematics 20
Environmental Studies

Major Subject in Commerce

Accountancy 20
Management 20
Finance 20

Fee structure

For Session 2013-13 (both Arts and Commerce)

Sl. No. Particulars HS

1st Yr


2nd Yr


1st Yr


2nd Yr


3rd Yr

1 Admission fees 150/- 150/- 400/- 400/- 400/-
2 Tution fees (Boys) 600/- 600/- 720/- 720/- 720/-
3 Tution fees (Girls) 200/- 200/- 720/- 720/- 720/-
4 Library fees 100/- 100/- 100/- 100/- 100/-
5 Union fees 130/- 130/- 130/- 130/- 130/-
6 Registration fees 50/- 310/-
7 Enrollment fees 15/- 150/- 150/- 150/-
8 Festival fees 80/- 80/- 80/- 80/- 80/-
9 Identity card fees 20/- 20/-
10 Magazine fees 80/- 80/- 80/- 80/- 80/-
11 Examination fees 60/- 60/- 150/- 150/- 150/-
12 College aid fees 60/- 60/- 60/- 60/- 60/-
13 College development fund 120/- 120/- 120/- 120/- 120/-
14 College certificate 15/- 15/-
15 Laboratory 210/- 230/- 300/- 300/- 400/-
16 Electricity 70/- 70/- 100/- 100/- 100/-
17 Major fees 300/- 300/- 300/-
18 Environmental studies fees 20/- 20/- 100/- 100/- 100/-
19 Scout & Guide 40/- 40/- 40/- 40/- 40/-
20 NCC 40/- 40/- 40/- 40/- 40/-
21 IQAC (NAAC) 30/- 30/- 30/- 30/- 30/-
22 NSS 20/- 20/- 20/- 20/- 20/-
23 Faculty dev. 200/- 200/- 200/- 200/- 200/-
24 Establishment 80/- 80/- 80/- 80/- 80/-
25 Eligibility fee (Migration) 100/- 1200/-

Year wise total fees (Excluding migration fee and hostel fee)

H. S. 1st Yr.

TDC. 1st Yr. Sem

1 With practicals (Boys) 2190/- 1 With practicals (General) 3245/-
2 Without practicals (Boys) 1980/- 2 Without practicals (General) 2945/-
3 With practicals (Girls) 1790/- 3 With practicals (Major) 3545/-
4 Without practicals (Girls) 1580/- 4 Without practicals (Major) 3245/-

H. S. 2nd Yr.

TDC II Yr. (Sem)

1 With practicals (Boys) 2110/- 1 With practicals (General) 2900/-
2 Without practicals (Boys) 1880/- 2 Without practicals (General) 2600/-
3 With practicals (Girls) 1710/- 3 With practicals (Major) 3200/-
4 Without practicals (Girls) 1480/- 4 Without practicals (Major) 2900/-

TDC III Yr. (Sem)

1 With practicals (General) 3000/-
2 Without practicals (General) 2600/-
3 With practicals (Major) 3300/-
4 Without practicals (Major) 3000/-

Hostel fees

  • Boys Hostel : Total Rs. 2500/- yearly
  • Girls Hostel  : Total Rs. 2500/- yearly

Students’ organisation and activities

Election to Bikali College Students’ Union
Students’ union body is formed after election in a constitutional way. There is a constitution of the students union passed in the governing body of the college and accepted  in general meeting of the students. Procedure for election is followed with the guidelines of the constitution.ollege student

The students union organise different functions like College Week, Freshmen Social, Festivals and other programmes of academic interest.

List of Bikali College Students union (2013-2014)
1 President Pricipal, Bikali College
2 Vice-President Dr. Bibhuti Kalita, Associate Professor
3 General Secretary Billu Rabha
4 Asstt. General Secretary Ansuma Hazowary
5 Major Games Secretary Rantu Boro
6 Minor Games Secretary Ajanta Rabha
7 Social Service Secretary Jitsankar Patowary
8 Boys Common Room Secretary Arjun Das
9 Cultural Secretary Hirokjyoti Boro
10 Magazine Secretary Manjyoti Rabha
11 Girls Common Room Secretary Jahnabi Das
Literary Socities
Two literary societies of the students are in existence. These societies have so far organised a number of literary and academic programmes.

Names of the societies

  1. Bodo Literary Society
  2. Rabha Literary Society

The college regularly publishes the “Bikalian” – college magazine,  “Prochesta” – new bulletin of teaches unit, “Gyan Deep” – journal of Assamese department. Besides, more than 8 Nos. of wall magazines of different departments are there for the literary development of students.