Letter From Principal to Students


Dear students,

Hope you all are fine and in best of health.Hardly anything is same as it was fortnight ago. The college is terribly missing you all. The whole campus is lifeless without your presence. No words to describe how painful and unnatural for me to be in the campus without you all.But, we have no option, we need to strictly implement government guidelines because our top priority is safety of your health and to, protect you from Covid-19 virus.We all are going through a tough time. Things have been hard today for all of us, but it is not permanent. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.I am confident that my students will surely overcome this critical situation by dint of their strong will power and mental strength. You have to turn these challenges into opportunities.

Dear students,we need to march ahead and have to adjust ourselves with the current situation. Try always to focus on those things what we could do to make things better. Since possibility of offline classes is rare for time being, we need to explore the possibility of teaching and learning through online mode. Your teachers are planning to carry out online classesand very shortly they will be in your contact. I understand your feelings when examination was postponed amidst your full preparation.Already, Gauhati University has announced to held your examination through Open Book Online System. Get ready for the exam, but at the same time attend online classes regularly for the next semester. This is the need of the time to keep you all safe and healthy.Don’t hesitate to contact me or your teachers. We are here only to help you all.

Respected parents, please help your child to successfully handled the present situation and help them to prepare themselvesto face challenges in the future. Always appreciate and acknowledge their accomplishment.

Dear students, I request you all not only to maintain SOP perfectly but also persuade others to maintain the government covid protocol. Let us pray for quick recovery of the normal situation and hope to see you all in the campus very soon. Being hopeful is the key.

Take care and stay safe.

With lots of love,
Dr. Monoj Gogoi
Principal, Bikali College.
Dhupdhara, 10th May, 2021