Bikali College Students’ union is the elected representative body of all the students of Bikali College. The Union body is constituted by the regular students of the college duly elected through secret ballot for a term of one year strictly adhering to the guidelines of the Lingdo commission. The elected bodies under the supervision of teacher-in-charge organize and promote various cultural and sports activities of the college.

Bikali College Students’ Union Session (2020-2021)

Sl.No Name Portfolio Contact Nos.
1 Bikram Boro President 6000408576
2 Afzal Hussain Vice-President 9101263598
3 Kapil Das General Secretary 9365224240
4 Deepjyoti Biswas Assitant General Secretary 9859506237
5 Ganesh Boro Major Games secretary 8011000953
Jay Kalita Minor Games Secretary 9101173443
6 Harfulla Rabha Cultural Secretary 9101142031
7 Mithu Roy Magazine secretary 6281053380
8 Mitupan Roychudhury Boys Common Room Secretary 9101499729
9 Chyanika Rabha Social Service Secretary 7896574285
10 Vaccant Girls Common Room Secretary